CamboFest, Cambodia's first recurring international film festival (est. 2007) will be on hiatus for the next 1-5 years.

The YAHRD Youth Group, trained and equipped with projection gear donated by CamboFest, continues their own screenings in Kampot province according to their own schedule and means.

While we have always strictly observed the copyright of movies screened at all CamboFest events, this is not always the case with other venues in Cambodia.

This has left our legitimate efforts at a practical disadvantage in terms of competing for content and exposure, since it often requires a significant extra administrative burden for us to conduct outreach to filmmakers and secure permissions from copyright holders.

Finally, chronic interference with our event by non-Cambodian expatriates [1] [2] over the past several years has been an unfortunate but regular occurance.

Nevertheless, when variables change, we look forward to presenting another edition of CamboFest.

>> SOME HIGHLIGHTS OF CAMBOFEST SO FAR (*all achieved with very modest, grass roots funding and an all-volunteer team!)


CamboFest is produced by Camerado SE Asia

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